Lotus Shape CFL:

Great Features: Color rendering index (Ra) ≥ 80,long lifetime ≥ 15,000h . High luminious efficiency, up to 80% energy saving. Power Factor > 0.97. Different outer tube materials; Glass/PC. Replacement for incandescent lamps and halogen lamps.

CFL Tubes

Model Power Length Outer Tube PF
FW60-8W 8W 60cm Glass/PC >0.97
FW60-10W 10W 60cm Glass/PC >0.97
FW60-12W 12W 60cm Glass/PC >0.97
FW60-14W 14W 60cm Glass/PC >0.97
FW90-13W 13W 90cm Glass/PC >0.97
FW90-15W 15W 90cm Glass/PC >0.97
FW90-18W 18W 90cm Glass/PC >0.97
FW120-16W 16W 120cm Glass/PC >0.97
FW120-20W 20W 120cm Glass/PC >0.97
FW120-24W 24W 120cm Glass/PC >0.97
FW120-28W 28W 120cm Glass/PC >0.97
FW150-27W 27W 150cm Glass/PC >0.97
FW150-30W 27W 150cm Glass/PC >0.97
FW150-37W 37W 150cm Glass/PC >0.97