MPPT Charge Controllers:

Great Features: The MPPT (maximum power point tracker) enables you to make optimum usage of the solar power of your solar modules. Can be used in different system voltages from 12V and 24V to 48V. The table below shows the max. panel array power that can be used with the different models of the MPPT chargers in different system voltages.

Model 12V System 24V System 48V System
MQ-20MPPT 240W 480W 960W
MQ-30MPPT 360/600W 720/900W 1440W
MQ-40MPPT 480W 960W 1920W
MQ-50MPPT 600W 1200W 2400W
MQ-60MPPT 720W 1440W 2880W
MQ-70MPPT 840W 1680W 3360W
MQ-80MPPT 960W 1920W 3840W