Electric Bikes:

Electric Bikes. Enjoyment & Quality : As for the reneweable energy developments, electric bikes has become a green solution for the personal use and city growth. They have attractive features and loveable shapes and reasonable pricing. We support people and cities to go solar.

60V DC Electric Bikes :
1. Luxury and high-end configuration.
2. Energy Efficient 1000W motor.
3. Start fast and smooth ride.
4. Anti-fade whole vehicle paint.
5. Bright headlights and headlamps.
6. Three-stage smart charger.
7. Comperhensive monitoring vehicle running.
8. Bold thick balance tire. Ride worry-free.
9. Three gear shifts. Low, minimum, high.
10. AMD battery. Battery industry leader.
11. Front and rear disc brakes.
12. Hydraulic front shock absorber.

Electric Bikes. Solar Charging Station : The solar station is designed to be as simple and easy to configure as possible. It is easy to set up and operate and it can fit any project up to 10 bikes charging the same time. It includes the solar panels, the storage batteries, the MPPT charge controller and the bikes charging unit. It can monitor each bike charging time, display the system working status, and count the accumulative output charging power.

Solar Charging Station Features :
1. Ten-powered vehicles. Solve the charging queue.
2. Ten lines drawn without disturbing each other.
3. Seperate control circuit settings.
4. Overload protection circuits.
5. Normal power supply. No impact on the battery.
6. Auto-detection of the battery capacity.
7. Full automatic power-off and stop charging.
8. Optionally equipped with fast charging model.
9. Customizeable number of charging channels.
10. Operate with coins and/or cards.
11. Charging time per customer demand (1~12h).
12. Fee charged per administrator settings according to the actual situation.