Solar Inverters:

Our Advantage:
1. High power output terminals. More stable and powerful.
2. EMC Tested. No electromagnetic interference. No noise for TV or stereo.
3. Big pure copper oil. More security to use.
4. Pure copper transformer. More stable and durable.
5. Heat sink; big radiating flange. Quick cooling and more stablility.
6. Earth connection for both inverter and PCB.
7. Big MODFET; pure sine wave output; as stable as the grid power.
8. PCB thickness of 2.59mm. More reliable.
9. Bigger capacitor for bigger storage and stable use.
10. Pure copper DC connector can bear bigger current.

Nine Protections:
short ciruit, reverse, surge power, overload, high voltage, low voltage, over current, fuse.

Model Power Input voltage Output voltage Weight Size mm
1000W 12 ~ 110V 110/220V 4.5Kg 255*205*90